Vintage Sylvana flitslampjes - new old stock

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Nieuw in doos, alleen alweer bijna 50 jaar oud. Ze zouden nog moeten werken, want ze hebben het daglicht nog niet eerder gezien. Niet dat je dan een flits nodig hebt (met daglicht), maar jullie catchen de drift wel toch? De doosjes worden per stuk verkocht. Alle specs staan op de foto's (doosjes).

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Magicubes (X-Flashcubes) were an improvement on flashcubes, introduced in 1970. They looked almost identical to the original flashcubes, but were fired mechanically by a pin sticking into a capsule of fulminating material. This simplified the system compared to flashcubes - by removing the need for a battery, and made extremely cheap flash cameras possible. Magicube sockets appeared similar to flashcube ones, but had a slightly larger slot and were distinguished by being marked with an X - similarly the cubes themselves usually had a large X on the top - and having a pin instead of electrical contacts.

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